Yes, we are talking about ‘Down to Earth’, a Netflix docuseries; but yes, it also highlights some of the best water on the planet. And yet another yes, it is Ozonated water. 

So what about it is so interesting? The docuseries takes a look at a number of topics that are impacting the Earth. One of which is the subject of water. Hearing the benefits to your health when drinking good quality water is an exciting topic, so it is great to see a documentary backing this.

Water Sommelier

One of the really interesting points that the episode (Down to Earth, Episode 2) touches on, is a visit to taste water with a Water Sommelier. The Sommelier is Martin Reise, who is based in L.A. and shares his thoughts about the benefits of drinking different types of water while providing a water tasting.

“We drink it on a daily basis, but nobody talks about it”, he says.  

How true!

The focus of the water tasting is all about the mineral content. This also highlights Total dissolved solids (TDS) which are made up of inorganic salts (principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulphates) and some small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water.

Reise explains how water needs minerals and how “water will look for minerals” – he explains the dangers of drinking 100% pure water. Water with no mineral content whatsoever will leech minerals from the body, which is why mineral content is especially important to good quality waters.  

Water treatment in Paris

The next stop on the itinerary is in Paris. Paris is committed to providing exceptionally high-quality water. About a decade ago, this responsibility was given to the public operator, Eau Du Paris. Paris has committed to providing water for everyone, all year round. So much so that there are over 1,000 water fountains situated around the city (including some that provide carbonated water!). This is a remarkable achievement and also means that the homeless are also provided with Paris’ excellent quality of drinking water.  

water fountain - down to earth

The water treatment used is focused on removing pollutants such as drugs, bacteria, pesticides and chemicals like chlorine. This process includes multiple stages of treatment including a screening process (where large objects from the river are kept out of the water), filtration and polishing process. 

The water treatment plant takes river water and uses ozonation, UV light and carbon to kill pollutants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals and bacteria being prime examples) in an oxygen-rich environment to destroy any microbiological organisms and UV light to kill bugs.  Using these processes is environmentally friendly without the need to add chemicals like chlorine.

If you want to watch the ‘Down to Earth’ series, you can stream it on Netflix or Youtube:

It addresses many of the issues that society all over the world is dealing with in the way we live. If you feel that you would like to investigate more about your water quality and what you are drinking, give us a call to help you look at a system that can help purify your water. Contact us on

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