Purifying water, one drop at a time!

How you can defeat the dangers of the toxic environment in which we live - one drop at a time

Can you afford not to purify your water? No household, farmer or commercial enterprise can afford the effects of contaminated water. Contaminated water is the cause of 80% of all illnesses in developing countries.

From setup, installation and purification, Envirowater is the leading African distributor of Ozone technology and water treatment systems. Ozone is the most powerful, natural sanitising agent of water which is commercially available and has the advantages of acting 
3 000 times faster than chlorine, leaving no chemical residue and has no by-products. 
Envirowater purifying water for you one drop at a time.

Industries We Specialise In

Borehole Purification

Using the naturally cleansing powers of ozone, Envirowater’s water purification solution disinfects, detoxifies, decolourises and deodorises borehole water, for cleaner, clearer, colourless drinking water.

Grey Water Home System

Faced with the real threat of water restrictions and penalties, the need for sustainable water solutions is more crucial than ever.

Ozone Pool Treatments

Remove the hassle! Remove the chemicals from pool filtration with Ozone pool treatments.

How our customers benefit from our products & services

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service and complimented prices you continually give us. We have been trading since 1987 and have never had the pleasure in partnering with a company as efficient as yourselves. Your team are a great asset to your business and nothing is too much trouble for them. They are very helpful and pleasing to a customer. So with that in mind, can I say a big thank you and a continued partnership

Need to Know More?

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