When it comes to determining the right size ozone system for your application, bigger isn’t always better and smaller isn’t always more economical. Picking the wrong size system will cause your operating expenses to increase.

A system that is too large will cost you more to operate without any additional benefits. That’s because water can only be saturated with so much ozone. While a system that is too small will fall short of producing the results that you are looking for.

There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before selecting your ozone system. Here are a few common formulas used for calculating ozone requirements:

1. I have a water flow of 100 GPM. The ozone dosage is 2 mg/L. What size ozone generator do I need?

Answer: GPM * 0.012 * applied ozone dosage = lbs/day

note: 1 lb/day is around 20 grams/hour.

2. OK so now I know I need “x” lbs/day of ozone. How much gas does the ozone generator need to run?

Answer: Before we can answer this we need to determine if the feed gas is air or oxygen?

If air: (Lb/day * 0.94)/% wt = SCFM

If oxygen: (lb/day * 0.84)/% wt = SCFM

Remember 1 SCFM = 60 scfh (standard cubic feet per hour)

We know that it can be confusing, so we recommend letting one of our ozone experts help you to determine what size ozone system will work best for you. Contact us.