Harvested water is nothing new to South Africa but is coming under more and more scrutiny with the lack of adequate water supply due to unpredictable weather systems and ailing infrastructure.

Both residential and commercial industries alike are looking for an effective solution to provide a consistent supply of potable water.

One of the smart solutions, while being environmentally friendly, is rainwater that has been harvested in tanks or alternatively by using borehole water. Both these kinds of water still require water treatment in order to be safely drinkable.

harvested water collection

The harvesting methods for water often include foreign substances like algae, air pollution, bird excrement, as well as leaves, sand, and dust that are collected along its journey.

What options are there to carry out this treatment in a manner that will not pose a threat to those consuming the water?

Installation of filtration and purification equipment can remove these foreign substances from your water. Also, regular flushing of devices used for filtration, gutters and screening devices can help reduce the contaminants in your water and keep rainwater as clean as possible before entering the tank. Filtration should be followed by disinfection of water, using one of the following methods.

Here are some ways to treat your harvested water:

Chlorine Treatment

This is considered one of the less pricey and more effective options to purify water, and is used widely by people and municipalities to treat large amounts of water harvested for safe storage.

Ultraviolet Light Treatment

This treatment method is typically used for smaller amounts of water that have been harvested and require a shorter period of storage. It is also ideal for storage methods that may be corroded by chlorine.

Ozone Treatment

Ozonation decomposes in water by itself, leaving no residuals. It is a strong disinfecting agent and works quickly, killing a greater range of pathogens than chemical treatments.

harvested water in glass

Have you thought of ways that you can use harvested water to help you save money? Whether that be rainwater, shower or bath water, it could be helping you reduce your bills.

To find out how you can effectively do this, contact us on https://www.envirowater.co.za/contact-us/.


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