Ozone Treatment in Bottled Water Production

most effective barrier to microbiological contamination for the protection and benefit of the consumer

Why Use Ozone In Water Bottling Production?


  • Ozone is superior to any other disinfection method because of its high oxidation state.
  • Ozone allows for lower operating costs and reduces overall chemical costs.
  • Ozone is not typically associated with by-products, and naturally reverts to oxygen, so no taste or odor is associated after its use.
  • Ozone is generated on-site. Therefore no dangerous storage or handling is required.
  • The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) suggests a residual ozone level of 0.2 to 0.4 ppm. This provides disinfection to both the water and the bottle.
  • Destroying bacteria instantly, ozone works faster than any other oxidant on the market!

Ozone Water Bottling Process :

The ozone is added to the water in an ozone contactor just prior to the bottling of the water. The ozone contacting system serves two primary functions.


  1. Ozone is used for the dissolution or mass transfer of the ozone gas from the output gas mixture stream of the ozone generator into the water to be treated. A sufficient amount of ozone must be dissolved in the water to achieve the disinfection of the water and to provide dissolved ozone residual in the water necessary for the disinfection of the bottling equipment, the bottle and the cap of the sealed bottled water.
  2. In addition, dissolved ozone must be provided for the chemical oxidation of any undesirable organic or inorganic contaminants present in the water, such as, odorous materials, iron, manganese etc.

Protect Yourself And Your Consumers Against Contaminated Bottled water

Envirowater provides Turn-Key Water Bottling Solutions

Envirowater specializes in providing the bottled water industry with completely integrated systems including high-performance ozone generator, oxygen supply, advanced controls, ozone destruction, and degassing in one turn-key system.


  • Our ozone systems have an efficient oxidation potential and is superior to other available chemical disinfectants
  • Treatment provides low operating- and no chemical cost
  • We make sure repeatability becomes reliability with highest results every time in accordance with client requirements
  • Ozone by itself can remove disinfection byproduct effectively
  • Generate a successful return of investment with very low maintenance

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Ozone treatment is the most frequently used disinfection process in water bottling today. With the application of a single ozone treatment step, the water bottler can disinfect the water, the bottling equipment, the bottle, the air above the water and the sealed cap of the bottle, thereby provide a most effective barrier to microbiological contamination for the protection and benefit of the consumer.