For a long time agriculture has used chemicals in its processes. These chemicals leave residues in soil, water and plants which can damage the plants and environment in the long term, rendering the land with reduced capability to be optimally productive.

Ozone replaces these chemicals with ozonated water, to achieve positive and environmentally friendly results without leaving any residue to seep into the environment.

Ozone Uses in Agriculture

Soilless Agriculture

The quality of water with soilless agriculture becomes a primary factor in providing the right living atmosphere for the plants. When the irrigation water is set up with filtration and Ozonation system is installed, it creates consistent disinfection for the water with an automated system. This means the conditions for agriculture become optimised.

Fogging Line

Fogging lines in greenhouses used in agriculture are utilised to keep the air moist. Ozone is applied by mixing the liquid and gas forms to provide environmental and line disinfection at user-set values. This is automatically provided to the water running into the system.

Seed Production

During agricultural seed production, it is important that the seeds do not come into contact with harmful organisms. The disinfection process with Ozone is fully automatic due to the disinfection process of the water. In both liquid/gas forms, it is utilised during seed production, the packaging processes, and as a result of this, the disinfection provided is constant.

Agriculture field

Seedling Production

Microbial loads are one of the factors that may occur within the environment where the seedlings are grown. This has a negative effect on the production of seedlings and the resulting health and productivity. By using Ozonation in this agriculture process, this helps keep the disinfection process consistent.

Greenhouse Floriculture

In the flower industry, there are various factors that can change the lifespan of flowers. Temperature, moist conditions, diseases and formation of ethylene within the stores, impact the flowers in a harmful way.

Usage of Ozone is an ideal method for prolonging the lifespan of cut flowers in the stores.

Ozone treatment has been effectively used to remove microbiological contaminants, increase the resistance of plants to these contaminants, and sterilise the soil surface area by leaving no residue behind.

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