Laundry is not the most exciting topic. It is a task that life constantly seems to have on cycle. So much in fact that the phrase ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ is used as a metaphor for dull tasks.

If your life or business life includes some form of laundry, you will know that the costs can escalate alarmingly while eating up resources in the process.

Is it possible to reduce these costs at all? The answer is a resounding yes, and this is how.

5 Ways to reduce costs using Ozone

#1 Reduced Energy costs

Conventionally, hot water is used for sanitizing. But ozone is best used with cold water. This means less hot water is used and to a degree a shorter drying time for items, which in turn increases energy savings.

#2 Reduced Water costs

Ozone increases the effectiveness of regular detergent, meaning you use less detergent. This, in turn, means that you need fewer rinse cycles and less sewer discharge is created resulting in a decrease in cost.

#3 Reduced Chemical costs

Ozone is quicker than chlorine bleach in the same concentration at destroying bacteria and sterilizing linen. There are no chemical residues because ozone is converted to pure oxygen after use. Due to the wash cycle needing fewer chemicals, a higher level of disinfection can be reached with ozone.

#4 Increased fabric wear and tear

Washing and drying times are decreased when using ozone in the laundry. This means that the fabric has reduced exposure to chemicals and heat, which increases its lifespan.

#5 Increased white and coloured-load mixes

Due to the effectiveness of ozone, fewer bleaches are required. This means that mixed colour washing can be done together and save both time and reduce costs in multiple washing loads.

If you are looking for further information, the Economic Benefit of Ozone Laundering gives a breakdown of the various benefits, as well as providing the cost savings per washing load and per day that can be achieved.

It takes a bit of a mind shift to realise that you can increase the quality of standards without having to increase your chemicals used. Ozone uses only cold water to deliver multiple cleaning factors to your laundry.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to save time and money on doing laundry?

If you want to do less laundry and save on costs, why not pop our team a message to tell you more about Ozone Laundry:


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