Chemical Free Pool treatment with Ozone

Ozone can replace partially or totally Chlorine in the pool. It is many times more effective in getting rid of bacteria, algae & viruses than Chlorine.
It will maintain a very clean water without the use of the many chemicals used to disinfect, to adjust the PH, Alkalinity,
By comparison to the Chlorine , Ozone treatment is virtually maintenance free. All you need is to install Ozonator, add the Ozone fix and enjoy.
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No Chlorine EVER!!!!
Imagine your pool and spa with no chlorine?
Yes, imagine yourself sitting in your spa with sparkling clean water, no smell of chlorine irritating your nose. Your bathing suit is not slowly disintegrating from the chlorine in the water.
Yes, imagine you and your children swimming in a pool filled with sparkling water. Enjoy all the pool fun with out red burning eyes. The blond swimmers don’t get green hair. Your skin is smooth and silky, no rash or itchiness here.

The first concern of pool owners should be the safety of the water in your pool. OZONE is one of the strongest oxidizers available. Only fluorine is stronger. Chlorine is a weaker oxidizer. OZONE has a quicker kill time of organisms and kills more types. OZONE is used to purify Olympic pools. In fact the athletes in the LA Olympics refused to swim in a pool purified by chlorine.

We guarantee NO CHLORINE NEEDED EVER. Instead bromine is used. The bromide combines with the OZONE to form bromine. The bromine then reacts with the algae. Bromide is then released as a byproduct. The cycle begins again!! Bromides needs only to be added to replace that removed by water splashing out of the pool or exiting on the bodies of swimmers.

An added advantage as you can see, is that there are no harmful byproducts. Ozone breaks down into oxygen. Chlorine on the other hand breaks down into trihalomethanes, which have been shown to increase the incidence of kidney, bladder and colon cancer. Another byproducts of chlorine plus urine and or perspiration are chloramines, which cause eye and skin irritation.


Ozone was first used in swimming pool water treatment in the 1950’s. Since then its use has widely grown. There are over 30,000 swimming pools in Europe that are treated with ozone. The swimming pools for the Olympics have been treated with Ozone at least since 1986 for the Los Angeles Olympics. Most recently the Sydney Aquatic Center pool water was treated with Ozone.
Well known water facilities using ozone to treat their water:

Disneyland and Disney World for all their water features
Mirage Resort, Las Vegas
San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA for their marine and Aquatic habitats
Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, Canada -for their Sea mammal support systems
Universal Studios, Jurassic Park, “The Ride”
Many YMCA’s and hotels
Waterparks and aquatic centers

EACH swimmer brings into the pool
300-400 million bacteria
0.5 gr. of organic matter
30-50 cc of urine

OZONE kills bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold and does it fast. Ozone pierces the cell wall of bacteria and viruses killing them 3000 times faster than chlorine.
Ozone was used to treat the water in the swimming pool that the AIDS infected blood of Greg Louganis contaminated. No one else contracted AIDS from that incident.


OZONE is produced on site-no storage or transport of dangerous chemicals
OZONE kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
OZONE prevents calcium carbonate scaling and removes existing
OZONE not used up slowly decomposes to oxygen up to the saturation point of oxygen in water this gives sparkling clean pool water
OZONE use in the water does not cause discharge liabilities
OZONE is not affected by pH of water, nor does it affect the pH of water
OZONE causes increased flocculation of organic wastes, thus increasing the effectiveness of the sand filtration system of your pool.

YES, we are sure except sometimes for shock treatment in cold climates at the beginning of the season. We use bromides instead of chlorine for residual disinfection and algae destruction. The bromine reacts with algae and turns to bromide. The bromide recombines with the ozone to reform bromine. This starts the cycle over again. Bromide is added in the beginning and additional bromide is needed only as water leaves the pool by splashing or on a swimmer’s body as he/she exits.

The Chemfreeaqua System

The Chemfreeaqua system consists of three main components.

  • Ozone Generator
  • Water Pump
  • Venturi

Check which nozzle is air inlet
Check which nozzle is ozone outlet

The Water Purification Process.

The Chemfreeaqua System works in the following manner:

  • Source water enters the pump and is forced through the Venturi under pressure.
  • The Venturi creates suction on the Ozone inlet port.
  • This suction draws Ozone from the Ozone Generator along the 6mm Ozone tubing into the Venturi.
  • Ozone is vigorously mixed into the water stream.
  • Ozonated water exits the system.

In order for the system to function 3 ingredients are required:

  • Electricity – 220 Volts.
  • Water.
  • Air. (Air is drawn into the Ozone Generator through the nozzle located on the front of the unit.This should be connected to an air filter or air dryer. Alternatively this fitting can be connected to an Oxygen source. This will substantially increase the Ozone output of the generator (up to 5 times more Ozone)) With Oxygen the recommended flowrate is 3 to 10 litres/minute O2. If no Oxygen flowmeter is available, set the flow to very gentle, about the same as blowing gently through a straw. The needle on the regulator will only just rise above zero. At this rate a standard 14Kg Oxygen bottle will last about 24 hours. We also now produce Oxygen concentrators which dry normal air as well as increasing the Oxygen content. These serve to replace Oxygen bottles and can run 24 hours a day, everyday.
  • Another way of enhancing the Ozone production is to connect a fish tank type air pump to the Air inlet. These pump are available at hardware stores and pet shops. Go for the biggest one and connect it to the unit with clear plastic tubing. This will give 50% or so more Ozone than if the unit is run on a vacuum.


There are 2 recommended ways of installing the Chemfreeaqua System:

  1. To circulate water in a tank or reservoir.
  2. To treat water in a main flow line.

Tank or Reservoir Installation

This is in many ways the preferred and most efficient installation. Ozone can be mixed into the tank 24 hours a day ensuring a high level of Ozone/Water contacting and disinfection.

It is recommended that the Ozone system be switched on permanently.

Main Flow Line Installation

This installation is to be used in situations where water is not re-circulated. Operation of the Ozone System will be limited to times when there is sufficient water flow.

Installation Without a Pump.

In some cases the Chemfreeaqua can be used without a pump. This is if the venturi can be installed into a pressurized water line. In this case proceed as follows.

  • Connect the venturi either directly into the line or on a by-pass. If on a by-pass make sure that there is a control valve in the main line in-between the T-pieces that lead to the venturi. Thus by closing the valve, water can be diverted from the main line into the venturi. NOTE. The water must flow in the direction of the Arrow on the venturi.
  • Connect the venturi to the Ozone generator. The venturi has 1 port on one side. Following the direction of the arrow they are: Ozone inlet.

Chemfreeaqua Operating Procedure

Always follow the steps below In Order.


Step Action
1 Ensure that the Ozone switch is OFF and the Ozone Control Valve Closed
2 Switch ON Pump (Press Black button on Pump Controller)
4 Fully Open the Ozone Control Valve on the Venturi.
5 Wait 5 to 10 Seconds (Venturi will suck any moisture from the Ozone Generator)
6 Swtich Ozone Generator ON


Step Action
1 Switch Ozone Generator OFF
2 Close Ozone Control Valve
3 Switch OFF Pump (Press Red button on Pump Controller)


The Air intake fitting on the front of the Ozone Generator should be connected to an air filter or dryer..

Please check this filter periodically for blockages. To check for suction switch the system on and place a finger against the air inlet. If there is a vacuum then all is running properly.

Checking for Ozone

The Front panel features an Ozone indicator Light. With the Ozone Generator On this will glow. This indicates that the transformer is functioning properly. If this light is on and there are bubbles in the water then the system will be producing Ozone.

To further check for ozone, switch the system on. Disconnect the 6mm ozone tubing from the Venturi. Place the end against your ear. If you hear a buzzing sound coming down the tube then the ozone generator is working. Alternatively suck on the pipe. Ozone has a distinctive taste/smell.

If the Ozone indicator light does not come on (NB. It will only come on if the pump is running) then check the fuse. This is located under the plug assembly of the unit.

If changing the fuse does not work then contact us.