Is Dirty, Green Water Giving You The Blues?

Is a swimming pool that’s bacteria- and chlorine-free, safer to swim in, and easier to maintain, yet still sparkling clear with unmatched water clarity, possible?  As the most pool- and bather-friendly product on the market, Envirowater’s ozone generator condemns bathers’ burning-red eyes to history, killing germs without the use of chlorine!

Envirowater’s ozone generator for pools kills spore-generating bacteria, viruses, and mould fast, leaving your pool brilliantly clear, safer to swim in, and easier to look after – but with no harmful side-effects!

Ranging in size from 1-10 gram per hour (gm/hr) ozone output, Envirowater’s range of low maintenance pool ozone generators provides not just a powerful sanitiser for your pool, 24 hours a day, but also an effective – and healthier – alternative to chlorine.

Supplied either as standalone units or as DIY pool kits, they can be fitted to any pool up to 100 000 litres in minutes, with a variable ozone output control to adjust ozone levels.

The Envirowater range can also be used for water purification and sewerage treatment applications, converting contaminated water into potable water in mere seconds.

Cost Effective Pool Maintenance

Benefits of Ozone Pool Generators:

  • Bacteria kill rate is up to three thousand times faster
  • Almost 2x stronger oxidizer than chlorine
  • Reduces traditional chemical use between 60% – 90%
  • Reduce handling and storage of unsafe chemicals
  • Reduce frequent purchasing of harmful chemicals
  • Eliminate red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin
  • Remove unpleasant chlorine / chloramine odours
  • No adverse health or environmental effects
  • Improvement of the filter and coagulant capacities = reduction of coagulant use & less backwashing
  • Water consumption can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality

Guaranteed Sparkling Blue Swimming Pool Every Time


Neutralising Indoor Air Pollution with Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster”

Poor ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough fresh air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and carrying indoor air pollutants out of your home or business premises. Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster” removes all mould and fungus contamination and neutralises microbial contamination of indoor air, a major source of sick-building-syndrome, which generate spores and mycotoxins that cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, loss of concentration, headaches and even disease in immune-compromised individuals.

Dissipating unwanted odours with Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster”

While it may be common practice, masking an odour with a more pleasant or less offensive odour is only a short-term solution to the problem. Air filters are commonly used for removing tobacco smoking or pet odours, but they cannot remove odours embedded in clothing, furniture fabrics, and rugs – and what’s more, they require air in the room to be pulled through the filter.

Ozone Air Purifier Technical Specifications:

Model : ENBF-2000 / 4000
Input : 220 VAC @ 50Hz
Input Power : 85 / 110 Watts
High Frequency : 18kHz to 30kHz
Ozone Output : 0 – 2000 / 4000 mg/Hr variable
Ozone Cell : Quartz glass and Stainless Steel
Ozone Distribution : Internal 25 L/min Air Pump & Fan
Cooling : Internal Fan
Fuse : 2A Fast Blow
Electronic Protection : Over-Temperature Protection
Enclosure : Polycarbonate
Dimensions : 140mm H x 340mm W x 235mm D
Weight : 3.5 kg
Max Ambient Temperature : 30° C
Guarantee / Warranty : 1 year ( terms & conditions apply )

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