Portable Air Ozone Generator

Disinfect. Detoxify. Sanitise. Purify. Envirowater’s four-in-one indoor clean-air solution does it all.

Beat infection with Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster”, South Africa’s only fully locally-made ozone-generating air purifier that banishes impurities

Battling foul odours?  Toxic fumes?  Hazardous emissions?

With recent research showing that indoor air pollution is now one of the world’s greatest health hazards for home-owners and businesses and a growing body of evidence suggesting a strong link between poor air quality and various cancers, investing in a portable ozone-generating air purifier to expel impurities is no longer just a “nice-to-have”.

Ozone technology is a cheap, safe and effective tool for neutralising most unwanted odours and indoor air pollutants, and has been used with great success in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, and food and beverage industries, to name a few.

The first choice of professional cleaning companies, ozone technology has been proven effective as a disinfectant in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and businesses.  As a deodoriser, ozone has been shown to have no rival for removing unwanted smells, especially organic-based odours such as those from cooking and pets.

Prolonged exposure to indoor pollution intensifies health risks, but tapping the purifying power of airborne ozone gas, Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster” dispels such threats, treating areas that require “shock treatment”, like waste and fire-damaged areas that require higher concentrations of ozone, quickly, effectively—and efficiently.


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Ozone Air Purifier Benefits:

  • Most effective solution—no expensive masking agents that don’t last, and no costly installations that only have a nominal effect.
  • No harmful by-products: A key advantage of ozone over other types of deodorisers is that it reverts back to oxygen within 15 to 30 minutes after use.
  • Only ozone will work on proteins, the most stubborn of all odour molecules. Odours that emanate from food or animal decay, such as rodents, have long resisted other chemical deodorising attempts, but only ozone has the potency to neutralise these contaminants.
  • Ozone neutralises virtually all organic odours, including cooking odours and all bacteria and fungus contaminants.
  • Ozone gas banishes smoke odours in smoke-damaged homes and buildings by permanently removing smoke odour molecules that infiltrate all porous surfaces.
  • It may be a toxic gas, but ozone is still classified as organic.

As South Africa’s premier portable ozone-generating air manufacturer:

  • We have supplied over 5,000 units locally, including exclusive residential developments like Eden Island, Pinnacle Point, and Zimbali
  • Our units are 100% locally-built with no Chinese parts
  • We measure and calibrate our units using sophisticated equipment, unlike our local competitors, whose units, under test, have been found to be inferior in ozone output

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Neutralising Indoor Air Pollution with Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster”

Poor ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough fresh air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and carrying indoor air pollutants out of your home or business premises. Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster” removes all mould and fungus contamination and neutralises microbial contamination of indoor air, a major source of sick-building-syndrome, which generate spores and mycotoxins that cause skin irritations, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, loss of concentration, headaches and even disease in immune-compromised individuals.

Dissipating unwanted odours with Envirowater’s “Ozone Blaster”

While it may be common practice, masking an odour with a more pleasant or less offensive odour is only a short-term solution to the problem. Air filters are commonly used for removing tobacco smoking or pet odours, but they cannot remove odours embedded in clothing, furniture fabrics, and rugs—and what’s more, they require air in the room to be pulled through the filter.

Ozone Air Purifier Technichal Specifications:

Model : ENBF-2000 / 4000
Input : 220 VAC @ 50Hz
Input Power : 85 / 110 Watts
High Frequency : 18kHz to 30kHz
Ozone Output : 0 – 2000 / 4000 mg/Hr variable
Ozone Cell : Quartz glass and Stainless Steel
Ozone Distribution : Internal 25 L/min Air Pump & Fan
Cooling : Internal Fan
Fuse : 2A Fast Blow
Electronic Protection : Over-Temperature Protection
Enclosure : Polycarbonate
Dimensions : 140mm H x 340mm W x 235mm D
Weight : 3.5 kg
Max Ambient Temperature : 30° C
Guarantee / Warranty : 1 year ( terms & conditions apply )

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