Ozone Uses

Water Treatment:

For many years chlorine has been effective in water purification, but some bacteria are becoming resistant to it. Internationally, Ozone is fast becoming the chemical choice to replace chlorine in drinking water treatment. This latest technology in water purification is being introduced into this country as an alternative to chemical treatment.

The use of ozone in water purification and wastewater is growing rapidly.

Drinking Water Treatment:

Envirowater  ozone technology is mainly used in the potable water sector to achieve the following aims:

Disinfection i.e. to kill microorganisms (Giradia lamblia / virus inactivation / elimination of cryptosporidia)

Elimination of odours (deodorization)

Elimination of humic substances (decolouration)

Taste enhancement

Oxidation of iron and manganese

Breakdown of pesticides

The advantages of using ozone rather than chlorine are:

No production of Haloforms

Very low ozone masses are needed, i.e. investment and operating costs are low

No secondary products


Support and partial replacement of flocculants

Advanced water treatment technology with ozone will solve many bacteria, virus and other contamination problems without chlorine disinfection as the world becomes more environmentally conscious of “Green” technology. Various sized ozone generators and their related accessories are specified by our specialists so you can do the job right the first time!

Food Industries:

The benefits of using Ozone can readily be seen in its use, as water plays such an important role in the health and growth of all living things, whether it is cows or cucumbers, fowls or flowers.

By improving the quality of water with Ozone treatment, many problems resulting from poor water quality can be eliminated. Removal of unpleasant tastes and smells can result in substantial increase in water consumption by dairy cattle, together with a measurable increase in milk production. Disinfection of water supplies can remove bacteria from rinse water with the result that milking equipment remains free of infection, with less chance of milk contamination.

The importance of good water quality in the poultry industry has been recognised by MAF regulations that require water supplies to the birds to be of the same standard as human potable water supplies. Installations completed in New Zealand have shown an immediate increase in drinking water consumption by birds once Ozone treatment of the water commenced.

Ozone is being used extensively overseas for treating makeup water and run-off water, rinse water from pesticide sprayers, and for sterilising soil and greenhouse equipment. Ozone kills all water-borne soil fungi while leaving a very beneficial residual of dissolved oxygen. This means that Ozone can provide superior pathogen remediation and significantly increase plant yield without the need to store and handle dangerous chemicals.

Swimming Pools:

Ozone treatment of swimming pool water has been used for many years and has proven to be able to provide a water quality that is simply not achievable with traditional swimming pool cleaners. Ozone treatment of swimming pool water is widely accepted as the ultimate choise and is successfully used in many large aquatic facilities including he Olympics 2000 Sydney International Aquatic Centre.

Now the same technology is available for small and medium sized commercial pools, at an affordable price, by installing the OzTreat slipstream ozone package.