Ozone Applications

Ozone is the latest ‘green’ technology in water purification. Used as an alternative to chemical treatment, ozone kills bacteria, viruses and removes a host of other contaminants – all without leaving a trace!

At Envirowater, we purify your water for you, one drop at a time.

Here are some of the systems and solutions we offer:

Borehole Purification

Using the naturally cleansing powers of ozone, Envirowater’s water purification solution disinfects, detoxifies, decolourises and deodorises borehole water, for cleaner, clearer, colourless drinking water.

Green buildings

Green buildings are the buildings of the future. Installing Envirowater’s ozone systems in your building help you make a meaningful contribution to combat the effects of climate change and results in increased marketability and cost-savings.

Ozone Laundry System

Ozone laundry uses electricity and oxygen in a unique way to replace many of the chemicals normally used in a traditional washing process. This reduces the environmental impact of traditional laundry operations, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Greywater harvesting

Greywater harvesting is a simple and effective system that is easily implemented in both residential and commercial properties. Greywater harvesting has far-reaching benefits for those who use it by transforming wastewater into a new, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly water source.

Ozone Pool Treatment

Envirowater’s ozone generator for pools kills spore-generating bacteria, viruses, and mould fast, leaving your pool brilliantly clear, safer to swim in, and easier to look after – without any harmful side-effects.

Ozone-treated bottled water

Ozone treatment for bottled water production provides the most effective barrier to microbiological contamination for the protection and benefit of the consumer. Destroying bacteria instantly, ozone works faster than any other oxidant on the market.

Envirowater is the leading African distributor of ozone water treatment systems, a universally proven natural method of purifying water that safely and effectively destroys bacteria, coliforms, viruses, and cysts, while neutralising unwelcome tastes and odours.

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