Ozone Laundry Solutions

Provide Complete Disinfection Whilst Delivering Net Commercial Savings

In a country suffering a national drought crisis and regular water shortages, the need for a shift in approach to natural resources has never been more acute. As a business or home owner, your attention to implementing resource-efficient systems within your building will have extensive environmental and cost-related effects.

As world attitudes transform, green building will become the norm. As a result, widespread application of these systems is being seen on a global level and, in many cases, these green measures are found to be low-effort, high-impact solutions – making a difference and improving on traditional systems.

Critical to any green building project is a rainwater and greywater system.

By collecting, storing, and re-using waste water, you are able to effectively and systematically reduce your water usage and cut costs. From households to large commercial facilities, the green building systems from Envirowater offer the following benefits:


  • Positive impact on the environment through reduced water consumption.
  • Lower operating costs through reduced water usage and, with Envirowater’s ozone systems, the cost-effectiveness of clean and sterilised water with minimal chemical inputs and re-usable pre-filters
  • Responsible investing and improved public perception. With green buildings as the structures of the future, these systems are a selling point for properties in the long term. For business and property owners, consumers are increasingly concerned with, and sometimes driven by policy to consider, environmental factors when it comes to tenancy and doing business. Green buildings are a leading example of a sterling environmental approach.

Work with the experts to tailor your green building water systems, from architecture to engineering and building.

Envirowater provides innovative water-saving systems to a green market.

As industry-leaders in Ozone technology and water treatment systems, they offer solutions suited to your green building requirements.


  • In rainwater collection, a framework of pipes is used for optimal collection across even large roof surface areas with simplified planning, requirements, and construction.
  • Ozone purification of greywater over chemical treatments means lower operating costs, no chemical waste and storage, and reduced maintenance and wear and tear on equipment and pipes. With ozone, there is no compromise on water cleanliness and sterilisation, which occurs in shorter time frames with a significantly reduced chemical input.

Work with the experts to tailor your green building water systems, from architecture to engineering and building.

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