Ozone is used safely in the commercial industry for food storage. It is a powerful disinfectant used to control the unwanted growth of biological organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industry.

The common applications for Ozone food storage are:

  • General cold storage facilities
  • Preservation of fish, seafood and meat
  • Cool meat storage
  • Aged ham storage
  • Potato storage
  • Onion storage
  • Vegetable storage, and
  • Citrus storage.

The advantages of utilising Ozone in food storage are varied. It is environmentally friendly due to the lack of chemicals used, as well as being the most powerful oxidiser available.

Ozone is three thousand times more germicidal than chlorine but requires no chemical storage. It has no harmful chemical residue and instant pathogen destruction occurs on contact.

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Benefits to Food Storage

Using Ozone in food storage adds numerous benefits:

  • Ozone can be used at a higher level before any taste or appearance of the product is altered.
  • Better Quality Produce – Ozone improves both the taste and appearance as against produce that has had chlorine used in its processes.
  • Less Water Usage due to Ozone keeping the wash water cleaner for longer.
  • Longer Shelf Life because Ozone lowers the concentration of spoilage microorganisms in the wash water and on produce surfaces. 
  • Less contamination due to Ozone reducing the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens.
  • Ozone treatment is capable of eradicating pesticides and chemical residues in the wash water and on produce.
  • Ozone leaves no chemical residue so there is no need for a Final Rinse and therefore increased water conservation.
  • An Ozone system eliminates the need for storage, handling, use and disposal of chemical sanitation products.
  • Ozone is naturally chemical-free, therefore allowing the use of Ozone in organic food production and processing.

As you can see, Ozone application in commercial food storage can be very useful and cost-effective. If you want to find out how you can streamline your operations, why not contact us.


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