Why going grey is going green!

  1. Greywater harvesting is particularly efficient for premises with high water consumption.
  2. Reuse of Greywater for landscape irrigation can greatly reduce the amount of drinkable water used during the summer months when landscape water may constitute 50-80% of the water used at a typical home.
  3. It is estimated that 42 to 79% of household greywater comes from the bathtub and shower
  4. Recycled greywater constitutes a “new” water supply by allowing water, previously wasted, to be used beneficially
  5. Water reuse also reduces energy and fossil fuel consumption by requiring less water to be purified and pumped long distances from storage dams to homes
  6. A greywater harvesting system using JoJo tanks, reduces water consumption and saves money and the environment.

The greywater treatment system

  1. The best tanks for greywater treatment and storage are polyethylene tanks making JoJo tanks the perfect partner
  2. JoJo tanks are made from the best quality raw food grade material. They are UV- treated and all have a carbon black food accredited lining on the inside that prevents the growth of algae making sure that the water stays fresh for longer.
  3. In a greywater harvesting scenario, the 750lt JoJo Slimline tank is specifically setup to treat greywater thereby ensuring that the water routed outward after treatment is safe to be returned to the environment.
  4. The treated water can be sotred in the JoJo Slimline tank until it is required for jobs that could be taken care of by the treated water, eg watering the garden, washing cars and driveways and flushing toilets.
  5. The installation of greywater harvesting systems are best handled by professionals and preferred suppliers are listed on the JoJo Tanks website.

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