Grey is the new green


Faced with the real threat of water restrictions and penalties, the need for sustainable water solutions is more crucial than ever.

As part of Envirowater’s vision to provide water-saving, innovative technology to an environmentally-conscious market, greywater harvesting is a simple and effective system which is easily implemented in both residential and commercial properties.

Across households, people are literally pouring useable water down the drain. Greywater harvesting has far-reaching benefits for those who use it by transforming waste water into a new, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly water source.

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There’s no grey area when it comes to greywater – the clear advantages of greywater harvesting:

  • For premises with high water consumption, greywater treatment and recycling means various functions can be performed without the expense and environmental impact of using fresh, potable water for the task. During warmer months, about half the water consumed in most households is for outdoor use – potential for a notable saving where indoor water is used for outdoor tasks. This means precious drinking water can be preserved on a daily basis through this integrated system.
  • Re-use of water reduces energy usage by requiring less purification and pumping from remote storage dams. The greywater treatment and recycling system is easily installed and offers a low-maintenance solution.
  • The system is relatively unimposing on the property and it is normalised to work automatically, continuously, and efficiently alongside the existing plumbing and water supply systems.
  • Envirowater’s system doesn’t use any harmful chemicals. It is accredited and follows international guidelines, alleviating any risk to humans and the environment.
  • Use of greywater can result in reduced strain and the extended lifespan of septic tank systems.
  • When used for irrigation, groundwater has the potential to be replenished and plant growth encouraged in dry areas. The treatment of this water has also been shown to improve the quality of groundwater and surface water.

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The greywater lifecycle – an overview:

  • Greywater comprises water collected from basins, laundries, baths, and showers.
  • Greywater is screened, bio-filtrated, disinfected, and analysed to ensure high water quality and safe use of recycled water.
  • This treated and recycled water can safely be used for garden irrigation and water features, toilet flushing, washing cars, washing clothes, cleaning driveways, cooling towers, and other non-potable use.
  • From typical residential homes to complex multi-dwelling and commercial properties, greywater harvesting offers a practical, integrated approach to water- and cost-saving. Click here for more information.

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