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Ozonation removes mould, viruses, bacteria and pollutants, meaning it is effective as a purifying agent.


Save on costs of chemicals and enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean water and oxygen.


Increase your immunity and keep yourself healthy without any increase in effort.

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Filtering impurities in air and water, naturally.

Making sure that you get the cleanest air and water so that you can be healthier and stronger for longer while saving on costs.

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Water solutions

Borehole Water Purification

Using the naturally cleansing powers of ozone, Envirowater’s water purification solution disinfects, detoxifies, decolourises and deodorises borehole water, for cleaner, clearer, colourless drinking water.

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Greywater Home System

Faced with the real threat of water restrictions and penalties, the need for sustainable water solutions is more crucial than ever.

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Ozone Pool Treatments

Remove the hassle! Remove the chemicals from pool filtration with Ozone pool treatments.

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