Ozone is not just for commercial and industrial use; household ozone is a miracle treatment, offering a wide array of solutions for everyday use.  

In this blog post, we’ve listed 5 uses for ozone in the home:  

#1 Household cleaning with ozone  

You can use ozonated water to disinfect your clothing, dishes, tableware, baby’s toys, etc. – anything you need disinfected in the home. Ozone also makes a great household cleaner for floors and furniture to kill bacteria and prevent mould.

#2 Oral hygiene 

Another household use for ozone is for oral hygiene purposes. You can use ozone for: 

  • Brushing teeth 
  • Rinsing mouth 
  • Gargling.

The result is fresher breath and the prevention of oral diseases such as gingivitis. In fact, ozone therapy can be used for the treatment of 260 different pathologies! In addition, it is minimally invasive and a conservative application as a dental treatment. 

#3 Odour removal  

A household ozone generator can be mounted on the wall of your home and releases ozone into the air periodically to remove odours. This can be particularly useful if your household is prone to pet odours or smoke odours. Ozone will keep your room smelling clean and fresh throughout the day.  

For persistent odours in the home, a professional team can execute a ‘shock treatment’ of a highly concentrated burst of ozone into a larger area.  

#4 Food sterilisation  

Rinsing your fruit and vegetables with ozone has numerous benefits: 

  • Neutralises residual pesticides and fertilisers 
  • Kills surface bacteria and viruses 
  • Maintains the produce’s flavours 
  • Extends the product’s shelf-life.

Food can be exposed to ozone using a sterilisation machine – simply put the food you want to clean into a bowl, add tap water and then connect the bowl to the machine. This will infuse the water with ozone, leaving the food 99.9% percent free of bacteria and almost all pesticide residues, within a few minutes.

#5 Household water treatment 

Ozone can be used to treat water by: 

  • Sterilising 
  • Disinfecting  
  • Removing impurities 
  • Removing residual chlorine 
  • Oxidizing heavy metals 
  • Clarification through oxidation.

Ozonation of water involves dissolving a low concentration of ozone into the water, which provides rapid and efficient water disinfection. 

Household ozone from the professionals  

Using ozone in the home doesn’t come without hazards, and you’ll need to follow clear instructions on how to use it safely. That’s why many people choose to consult or outsource to the professionals. 

Do you have any questions about using ozone to disinfect and protect your home? Contact the team at Envirowater for expert advice and superior service: https://www.envirowater.co.za/contact-us/.  

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